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The Best Interior National Award


The exhibition space of the all-russian architectural event best interior festival

The Fourth All-Russian Architectural Festival BIF aims to discover the latest trends in interior design and expand creative communications between public groups and professional associations.


October 31 - November 2, 2023


Exhibition complex «Gostiny Dvor», Moscow

The aims of the festival:

• demonstration of current trends, styles and techniques in interior design

• discovering original ideas and new guidelines in the profession

• stimulating the development of interior design and improving the quality of art and design activities in Russia

• creation of a platform for active interaction between professional and business communities, the public and the authorities

• formation of a common cultural space that promotes cooperation and exchange of experience between creative associations from different regions of Russia, near and far abroad


Russian and foreign professional architects and designers, students of specialized universities.


Professional communities of architects, designers, artists, decorators; the authorities responsible for the implementation of the state policy in the field of architecture; the general public of Moscow and Russian regions.

Competition The Best Interior National Award

Within the framework of the festival, the All-Russian architectural competition with international participation The Best Interior National Award will take place with the aim to select the best realized projects and to encourage the architects and designers who have created the most interesting projects and thereby have made the greatest contribution to the development of modern interior design.

The Competition is an annual review of interior design works, which were created and implemented in the current year or in the year preceding the Competition. Any legal or private entity can take part in the Competition. The Competition identifies the best works made by designers, architects (authors), designers’ teams or architects’ teams (authors' teams) that meet the evaluation criteria which were approved by the Competition Organizer.

Professional architects, designers, students of architectural high schools and authors’ teams consisting of them, as well as architectural and design bureaus are invited to participate in the Competition.

Competition Nominations

Works submitted to the Competition are examined in the Sections “Realized Residential Interior” and “Realized Public Interior” in the following Nominations:

Nominations in the “Realized Residential Interior” Section:

1. Apartment (up to 100 sq. m.).

2. Apartment (more than 100 sq. m.).

3. Private house (up to 250 sq. m.).

4. Private house (more than 250 sq. m.).

Nominations in the “Realized Public Interior” Section:

1. HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, cafe).

2. Commercial interior (shopping center, store, club, showroom, fitness centers, spa salons, cinemas, gyms, offices).

3. Social facilities (educational institutions, kindergarten, library, medical institutions).

Competition participation application submission: 15.09.2023

Deadline for the Competition works submission: 

Details about the contest are in the regulations.

Application for participation in "Realized Residential Interior"
Application for participation in "Realized Public Interior" 

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